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What I do

I develop web applications with love for clean code and design patterns


I use to build my projects with Zend Framework. I also have some experience with some other popular PHP frameworks like symfony and Yii.

Clean Code

Uncle Bob said it clear enough: “Even bad code can function. But if code isn't clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees.”

Responsive Design

Web applications ready to almost all screen sizes thanks to CSS3 and its preprocessors SASS and LESS and, of course, Bootstrap.

Data model

I love to use PropelORM for all database related stuff. It works pretty well with MySQL and fits for almost any project, whatever size.

CMS & E-commerce

I am not a fan of CMS and E-commerce systems like Wordpress and Prestashop or Magento but today is nearly impossible to avoid them so here they are...

System administration

In the beginning... Was the command line. Experience installing and configuring the full LAMP stack. Configuration and maintenance of the system itself.


Some projects in which I participated

Fitoga Shipbrokers

Frontend and backend with custom CMS

Don Camarón

Seafood shop with Magento

Industrias Pesqueras

Fishing magazine


One page, retina ready website


Online book store with Prestashop


Frontend and backend with custom CMS


The path that brought me here...

  • 2003-2007

    Xilon Solutions

    Built a SMS services provider platform including premium and subscription services. Developed several sites and their respective backends. Technologies used were Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl and Javascript. Leave the company to start my own business with one colleague.

  • 2007-2009

    Ideas y Desarrollos

    We developed a collector for web content called HerramientaWeb. We also developed our own MVC framework. Our application was great but failed selling it and had to quit. But we learned a lot!

    Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Javascript. Bind, Exim, Dovecot, ProFTPd, and a lot of server software.

  • April-October 2009

    World Fishing Exhibition

    Developed the exhibitor manual that is the application in which exhibitors hire all necessary services for their presence at the fair. Also improved the Intranet application of the organizing team located in England.

    Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Javascript

  • 2009-2014


    After the World Fishing Exhibition I joined this design studio that is part of the group of companies of the organization.

    At ipho I developed some custom CMS and a lot of corporate websites and online stores.

    Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PropelORM, Magento, Wordpress, etc. LESS, SASS and Bootstrap were born in this period.

    Started to be interested in TDD and Agile.

  • 2014

    Cúbica Comunicación

    Developed several corporate websites with Wordpress and a couple of online stores with Prestashop. Developed plugins for both systems.

    Also built a tournament management application for the Galician Federation of Petanque.

    Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Javascript. Yii, Wordpress and Prestashop.

  • Looking
    for new

What others say

Opinions from colleagues, bosses, and clients...

Rafa Couto

Project Manager at Xilon Solutions

“David is very fast in learning any new technology and understands perfectly the key points in a project. That allows him to engage development requirements without extra effort. He is always focused on new technologies and has special criteria in order to select the rightest for the mid to long term.”

Charlotte Baxter

Operations Manager, WFE (Mercator Media, UK)

“David and I worked together in 2009 to build an online exhibitor manual for the World Fishing Exhibition, held in Vigo, Spain. I was based in the UK and David worked in Vigo. We worked together even though we didn't meet face to face for a long time after the project had started...” read full text

Alberto Agra

IT Manager at Cúbica Comunicación

“It's my pleasure to recommmend David. His performance working as a programmer for Cúbica proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company. I would rank him as one of the best programmers we have ever had.”

José Antonio Pérez

General Manager at SIPSA/ipho

“David has worked with us for four years in a lot of coding and web projects successfully. He has always been innovative and concerned about continuous improvement.”

Miguel Gesteiro

Founder at Ideas y Desarrollos

“David was one of the leading architects during the design and development of our prime solution for enterprises: great results and a brilliant work.”

more on the way...

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